I am skilled at video editing, having created promotional videos for use in marketing campaigns and on social media, including Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Video Editing

Graphic Design


Client Video: Executive leadership program promo

I created this video for a client seeking who was looking to showcase their executive leadership program online as part of a program recruitment drive.

Personalized fitness video

I created this video for two fitness clients of mine to serve as a video workout companion when they exercise on their own.

Online course promotional video

I created this video to introduce my new online course " Master the fundamentals of face-to-face and virtual presentation "for prospective students. 

Client Video: Company landing page video

I created this video for a company to use as their landing page. The video reflects their brand colors and features the programs the organization offers.

Speaker promo reel

I created this video as a showcase of teh services that I offer as a speaker. I would send it to support a formal application to speak at engagements.