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3 self-presentation tips to help land your next job

Career transition is not easy.

And... let’s be honest, the interview process doesn’t always seem fair.

In many cases, even if you’re the most qualified applicant on paper, you can still lose the job because you made a poor impression or because you were unable to properly convey your expertise and personality to the interviewer.

So, you need an edge that will help you effectively project a blend of likability and competence through how you communicate verbally and non-verbally.

That edge is to intentionally apply several enhanced self-presentation strategies during your next interview

Do these 3 things:

1) Remember to smile frequently in order to build and maintain rapport.

2) Incorporate stories and anecdotes to help get your message across and come across as a down-to-earth human as opposed to a “data dumping robot” with no personality.

3) Pay special attention to the words and phrases the interviewer uses, then build conversation, questions, and talking points around them.



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