3 Simple Ways To Make Your Presentations More Effective

Does your job require you to give frequent presentations?

If you’re like a large percentage of the population, a problem you face is that your bosses are expecting you to perform like a #speaker they saw on a TED video and hit a grand slam! Not to mention that you have probably never received any formal #training in giving presentations. It’s no wonder you get a little anxious and nervous.

I’ve been there myself, I know what it feels like to want to give a great #presentation, but at the same time be well aware that I did not really know how to.

However over the years I have overcome that obstacle and have mastered the art by learning from the best in the field, developed a framework, and have trained hundreds of people in the art and craft of #presenting.

Here are 3 simple things you can apply immediately to present better?

1. Keep your hands by your side

2. Stand with good posture

3. Smile

Do these 3 simple things and you will immediately come across as appearing more #professional, poised, and competent.


I conduct #workshops and speaking engagements to inspire and enrich people and organizations.

How to book John

1. Setup a phone appointment (john@johngodoy.com)

2. Discuss your unique needs

3. Book John

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