4 Extremely Powerful Presentation Strategies The Pros Use

The next time your about to step to the front of a boardroom, stand up on stage, or give a sales presentation quickly remind yourself of these 4 PRO presentation strategies, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much better your presentation will be received.

1 Remember that your audience has no idea what you're about to say.

One of the biggest worries that I hear from my coaching clients is that they are afraid of forgetting what they had planned to say during a presentation.

If this worry ever pops into your head remind yourself that the audience has no idea what you're going to say and therefore won't notice if you forget something!

2 Move towards the audience.

Another great mental note to keep in the back of your mind the next time you give a presentation is to KEEP MOVING TOWARDS THE AUDIENCE.

Oftentimes when introverts present, they tend to move further and further away from the audience often ending up back against the wall next to the presentation screen.

This is an unconscious form of hiding!

Instead, I challenge you to keep the idea of moving towards the audience in the back of your mind as you present. By doing this, you will come across as much more confident, approachable, and it will also help reduce the effort you need to put into raising and projecting your voice.

3 Keep Your hands by your side.

A bad habit that many people have when presenting is putting their hands either in their pockets or clasping them together in front of their private parts. The former gives the appearance of over-casualness, and the latter the perception of insecurity.

INSTEAD... I challenge you to make keeping your hands at your side your default position. Then, from this position move your hands around to amplify your verbal message, but as a general rule always returning back to the default position.

4 Make eye contact.

Introverts and people who are shy tend to avoid making eye contact with members of the audience whether it is 1 person or 100.

As making eye contact serves as a bridge that helps get your message across and build trust, you must overcome this hurdle.

The next time you give a presentation, show up at the venue a little earlier in order to meet and greet the attendees. This pre-presentation social interaction will work towards breeding a sense of familiarity that will help making eye contact a little easier for you.

Best of luck,


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