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4 steps to infallible leadership listening

Are you taking on a new leadership role and want to make a great impression?

Then practice the H.U.V.A. method of listening.

Regularly applying this 4-step process will help you to reduce workplace conflict, help you come across as an empathetic leader, and ultimately help you to build trust and rapport with the people you work with.

The next time you enter a conversation, remember these 4 steps:

HHEAR them out without interrupting. In other words, listen to understand.

U – Show them that you are engaged and want to UNDERSTAND them better by asking them to tell you more about what they are talking about.

V – show them that you VALUE them by expressing appreciation for their candidness and openness.

AADD value to what they say by sharing your thoughts.

If you have ever wanted a simple-to-follow system that will help you to be seen as a competent leader and communicator… this is it.



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