4 Ways To Keep The Holiday Weight Off... And Develop Your Executive Presence!

Your executive presence plays a crucial role in successfully getting people to listen to you. It's a combination of how you walk, talk, and carry yourself that influences other people's receptiveness and openness to both you and your message.

In my experience what I have witnessed with many of my communication coaching clients, is that their executive presence is influenced by their level of satisfaction with their weight, in other words their self-image.

Should they be unhappy with their weight, this can adversely affect the energy and confidence they project to an audience.

So today - I am going to share you 4 tips to keep the weight off this holiday season, so you can kickstart 2020 feeling good and with a more confident and energy projecting executive presence!

Here they are:

1. Drink 2 cups of water before you eat

2. Alternate between alcohol/juice/soda and a glass of water/sparkling water

3. Eat before you go to your event

4. Load your plate with veggies first

Remember - keeping stuff out of your body is more important than exercise. Happy holidays and best wishes for a fantastic New Year!

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