Are Your Presentations Like Corporate Karaoke?

There is a saying that goes, “presentations don’t bore people… people bore people.”

The days of standing up in front of a group and merely transmitting information are over. Today, if you wish to be an effective communicator and advance your career - you must be able to move people to action…and well structured and well delivered presentations are your opportunity to do so.

IMPORTANT: Power point is meant to complement your presentation… not be your presentation. Karaoke and subtitled movies should be the only places where you stare at the screen and read the words that appear!

A great tip from Nancy Duarte, one of Silicon Valley’s leading presentation designers is to think of the individual slides in your powerpoint presentation as billboards. If the audience cannot understand the gist of it in 3 seconds it ’s too complicated.

If your goal is to persuade others to embrace your ideas, your pitches, your point of view, then mastering the art and craft of presenting is critical.


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