Can you afford to look like an amateur?

“I want to be seen as a competent professional”

This is one of the most frequent answers I get when I ask learners who attend my public speaking workshops why they chose to attend.

Whether they are sales professionals, I.T. managers, or C-suiters the desire to be seen as competent and credible in the eyes of their peers and subordinates is a common thread that binds them.

Sure, they want to get more sales, close more deals, run more effective meetings, give better speeches… but deep down they just want to come across as competent professionals.

If developing the skills and confidence to communicate well resonates with you – then start today to develop your public speaking skills.

Get started simply by recording the next presentation you give either online or in-person and when reviewing it ask yourself this question… “is this person coming across as a professional or as an amateur?”

If the answer is the latter, join toastmasters immediately or contact me at!

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