Deep Work: The Secret to Saving Time and Achieving Faster progress Towards Your Goals

Deep Work: Undisturbed, focussed attention on a single task = rapid advancement towards your goals. Here are 3 steps to achieve it:

1) Wake up (ridiculously) early! I find 4 or 4:30 ideal because the world is asleep and the chances for distractions are greatly reduced.

2) Put your cell phone in another room. This reduces the chance of procrastination and distraction.

3) Apply a website blocker ( to your laptop and set the timer for a 2-3 hr block of time. I recommend blocking off your search engine search home page, your webmail server (if you don't need it), and any websites like the news that you can easily get distracted and visit.

Ultimately, you can apply these strategies at any point during the day, however early morning is often the best as there are less distractions... plus... you start the day off with a win!

Just make sure you don't sacrifice a good nights sleep to do this.


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