Environment trumps willpower!

Environment trumps willpower!

Imagine that we all get a set amount of willpower everyday, and most everything we do reduces it a certain amount.

By making a few simple modifications to your environment, you will make sticking to your healthy lifestyle habits easier and and reduce the amount of willpower yo need to allocate.

Here are some examples how:


- Avoid keeping unhealthy foods easily visible and accessible. Keep them off the counters, and on the eye level shelves in your pantry or fridge


- Put your exercise clothes, shoes, and tools somewhere where they are visible. Maybe fold them up nicely and place them next to your television.. or by the front door


- Keep your cell phone or tablet charging station outside of your bedroom

- Keep an eye mask by your bed


- Use a website blocker like "self control' app or :cold turkey" to block websites that give you stress - like gossip, social media, and tabloid news sites



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