Exercise to Calm Presentation Nerves

When you are anxious and stressed, your body becomes flooded with the hormones adrenaline and cortisol - both of which play a significant role in your body acting and feeling the way it does when you are nervous and anxious.

A quick bout of exercise can help channel and give an outlet to those to "fight or flight" survival hormones while it can also help simultaneously “drug you” with feel good endorphins which can help you to feel relaxed.

So before your next presentation, meeting, or pitch climb up and down some stairs a few times, do some burpees, or do a brisk walk. The key is to simply get your body moving being mindful of what your environment and attire permit you to do. Just do enough to get your heart rate up a bit without sweating or getting your clothes all wrinkled.

Pro Tip:

Jog on the spot or do some light jumping jacks for 2-3 minutes prior to your next in person or online presentation.


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