Hard time getting people to listen?

Listening is hard work.

You yourself probably tune others out when you lose interest, have a hard time understanding them, or simply get distracted.

Although communication is a two-way street, the onus lies on you the speaker to ensure that your message gets across to your receiver in the way you want it. For this to happen, first and foremost it requires that they listen to what you say.

But if you do things like…

- Mumble

- Speak in a monotone voice

- Fill your speech with distracting fillers like “um”, yeah”, and “like”

- Wander and meander in your message

- Speak super-fast without using periods and pauses.

…your audience WILL stop listening because you are forcing them to work hard to decipher and undrestand what you are saying.

And when this happens... when they stop listening, your intended message will get corrupted and will likely lose much of its intended purpose and effect.

This is why it is so crucial that you train yourself to speak in a way that makes listening EASY FOR YOUR LISTENER.

One simple thing you can start doing today is to consciously pause between sentences when you speak. This gives your listeners brain the chance to catch up... instead of becoming overwhelmed and saying “Listening to this person is too much, I’m going to tune out”

A faster approach is to work with me to bridge the gap between how you communicate now, and the level you aspire to communicate.


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