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How to effectively communicate with your boss

If giving status reports and presentations to upper management causes you to feel anxious and even terrified, there is hope.

Your stress-inducing feelings can stem from the triggering of a host of social anxieties ranging from a fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, or a fear of looking incompetent.

Coupled with that, you may be an introvert, you may be shy, or you may simply feel that you lack the necessary communication skills in this situation.


Proper preparation can help get your mind in the right place and thereby help you manage your emotions.

A simple yet powerful strategy is to recognize the communication style of the audience you are addressing and then hone your communication skills to address their style.

With executives, because time is of the essence, brevity, clarity, and directness is essential. Therefore plan to present the most important information right from the beginning.

Following that, be prepared to think quickly on your feet as executives will likely turn your meeting into a question and answer period where they begin to direct the conversation to a destination of their preference through questions



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