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How to forge your "Physical hardiness"

Resilience is your capacity to weather the storm AND get back on course when you are blown off your path due to the inevitable challenges of life.

A whole host of factors influence your level of resiliency, among them are personal attributes such as maintaining a balance between realism and optimism, emotional balance, and social support to name just a few.

Today I want to touch on another attribute - the importance of physical hardiness.

Physical hardiness is essentially the byproduct of adhering to a set of habits that help you to forge greater levels of physical capacity, strength, and health so that you are better prepared to withstand the physical toll that comes with life’s big tests.

Developing your physical hardiness is quite straightforward.

Simply make it a daily practice to adhere to the time-tested habits of getting a good night sleep, managing your stress, exercising, and eating things that help your body opposed to harming it.

To put this into perspective, imagine entering or going through a job loss, illness, or life struggle with the added challenge of not having the strength and energy to do so.


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