How to manage public speaking anxiety - wisdom from Alex Honnold

Recently I was watching a video where rock climber Alex Honnold – the only person in history to have “free solo-climbed” El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park – was answering online questions from fans.

(If you have never heard of him or his feat before... look him up... it's arguable one of the hardest athletic achievements ever accomplished in human history.)

One of his answers really struck me as having a powerful message for anyone who struggles with public speaking anxiety.

The question posed was:

“How does Alex Honnold control his anxiety when climbing?”

Alex’s response:

“I think the main reason that I stay comfortable while climbing is through preparation, through training, through practice.
I mean whatever you want to call it, but basically, I spend enough time climbing that I feel very comfortable doing it.
The key for me has been to take small steps outside of my comfort zone so that eventually I feel comfortable in situations that I wouldn’t have before.
So it’s not so much a matter of getting into a situation where I feel really scared and then trying to control the fear, it’s a matter of slowly broadening to the point that I just don’t feel scared doing things that used to be scary

In his response, Alex essentially lays out a powerful framework that you can use to overcome your speaking anxiety.

1) Make adequate preparation a habit.

2) Practice speaking a lot. (practice wherever and whenever you can)

3) Take regular small risks that take you out of your comfort zone.

Hear his timeless wisdom in his own words:

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