How to Overcome Speaking Anxiety | Public Speaking Tips for Presentations, ZOOM, & Content Creation

“If one of your challenges when you're speaking to a group of strangers is nervousness - anxiety that comes from connecting with people perhaps that you've never met before and addressing them. There are two things that I would suggest that you do.

Number one is if it is a zoom type call, arrive early to that zoom call should it be open and just kind of interact, chit chat with some of the people who are going to be on the call. If you're hosting an event, then again, open it up early so you can interact with the people that are in there.

The second thing is if it's face to face – live – and you're actually connecting with people in your office, or perhaps at a meeting or at an event... again arrive 15 to 20 minutes early and connect with people and start small conversations.

And what this does is it essentially breaks the ice between you and them, so all of a sudden you now have some people in your audience who you may have never met before, who you're now able to see as kind of an acquaintance, somebody you know and they will look at you the same. And what that does is just makes it simpler when you're speaking to them in that they don't see you as a stranger. They see you as someone that they know and it just increases the comfort level between you and them.

Good luck.”


YES!...Public Speaking skill is a learnable skill! All you need is to understand the structure, methods, and techniques for all your presentations!

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