Look Professional Online

Today I conducted a training session that included a section on making a good first-impression-online.

I intentionally arrived 5 minutes late to have the participants feel some of the annoyance that we all feel when people arrive late to meetings. ( I explained it was intentional when I arrived)

In addition, I arrived with my setup similar to the messy, poorly lit, poorly attired picture in the attached image. Attendees immediately mentioned that something was amiss visually.

I then in a matter of 60 seconds made the simple adjustments listed in the attached image to transform what the audience saw on screen and the non-verbal message that I was projecting on the screen.

As we move to a hybrid world of work, it is critical that we no longer look at online meetings as temporary fixes that we are simply using to bide our time until we go back to face-to-face. They are here to stay.

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