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Master Active Listening: 3 Essential Strategies for Leaders to Respond Effectively

Do you struggle with active listening and responding appropriately? It's frustrating when you want to connect deeply with your team and respond effectively, but you find yourself missing key points or misinterpreting their messages. 

In this video, I share three essential strategies to help you master active listening, so you can respond more effectively and build stronger relationships. 

Key Strategies:

Reflective Listening: Paraphrase what the speaker has said to confirm understanding. For example, say 'What I hear you saying is...' to ensure clarity and show that you are paying attention. 

Eliminate Distractions: Create an environment free of interruptions when listening to your team. For instance, put away your phone and move to an area of the office free of potential interruptions. 

Ask Open-Ended Questions: Encourage your counterpart to elaborate on their thoughts. For example, ask 'Can you tell me more about that?' to promote a deeper conversation. 

Good luck!



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