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Master Your Gaze - Unlock the Power of Eye Contact

If you want to get your message across during a conversation, speech, or team meeting - then work on improving your eye contact. 

Research published in the Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience found that only eye contact accurately activates the parts of people's brains that enable them to accurately process our feelings and intentions


When it comes to the ideal amount of time to hold your gaze while making eye contact, Ben Decker - CEO of Decker Communications suggests:

  • In one-on-one conversations: 7 to 10 seconds.

  • In group settings: 5 to 7 seconds per person.

Furthermore, a survey of 3000 people conducted by Quantified Impressions found that the ideal amount of time during a conversation to strive to have eye contact is 60-70%. 

My Take:

Initially, making eye contact while addressing groups during presentations was very awkward for me leading me to avoid direct eye contact, and simply look just beyond the audience.

Ironically, when the role was flipped, and I was an audience member, I found myself appreciating when a speaker maintained eye contact with me. 

All this to say, over time, it became a lot easier, and now it is second nature.

Action Steps:

Practice maintaining eye contact during conversations with friends and colleagues whenever possible. 

Regular practice in these safe environments will help you become accustomed to eye contact, making it easier to apply in more high-stakes professional settings.



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