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Mastering Adaptive Communication: Tailoring Your Style for Success

🚀 In this video, I delve into 5 essential strategies that will help you to excel in adaptative communication – the ability to adjust your communication style to your audience so you can better connect and resonate with them.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

1️⃣ Embrace the Golden Rule of Communication: Embrace the foundation of adaptive communication—communicate with others as they would wish to be communicated to. (1:30)

2️⃣ Develop Self-Awareness: Whether a seasoned leader or starting out, self-awareness fuels growth. Reflect on your own communication style. (2:15)

3️⃣ Tailor Your Vocabulary: Simplify complex concepts or dive into specialized terms. (3:15)

4️⃣ Provide Facts or the Big Picture: Get straight to the point or present the broader context. (4:19)

5️⃣ Build rapport through connection or get to the point. (4:43)

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