Network Like a Boss: Exactly What to Say and Do!

In today's video I share 2 strategies on how to engage people at a networking event. 1 Strategy to start-up a conversation with 1 person, and a second strategy for when you want to strike up a conversation with 2 people.

Strategy 1: (1 person)

1. Identify someone who is standing by themselves

2. Smile and approach them while extending your arm for a handshake

3. Introduce yourself by saying your name

4. Once they introduce themselves in return - say their name + "it's a pleasure to meet you"

5. Ask them "what brings you to this event"

6. Ask questions to get the conversation flowing

Strategy 2: (for 2 people)

1. Identify two people standing together in conversation

2. Stand close by them within their peripheral vision (not too close)

3. When one makes eye contact, smile, say your name and the phrase "may I join you"

Good-luck, and good connecting!

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