Reduce to Look and Feel better

You're pressed for time as it is. You want to look and feel better but you can't possibly imagine adding anything to your schedule and routine now.

No problem.


Here are some reduction tips for the 4 pillars of a healthy lifestyle.


- Reduce the number of meals you eat a day.

- Eliminate added sugar and/or salt from your diet

- Reduce the quantity of food during each of your meals

- Reduce the size of your plates and cups and utensils


- Reduce the amount of TV or internet surfing you do late into the evening.

- Reduce the amount of artificial light exposure you have in your homes at night.


- Reduce the amount of time you spend inactive

- Reduce the amount of time you spent sitting


- Reduce the number of stressful people in your life by cutting them out

- Reduce the amount of news and social media you look at daily

The rule of thumb is to just think about what you can cut out of your life that will increase your wellbeing and quality of life.

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