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Rhyme Time: Take the Time to Make it Rhyme

Are you looking to make your next presentation or pitch more memorable? Consider incorporating rhymes into your message. Rhymes tend to stick in our minds longer than non-rhymed content, acting as mental hooks for your audience.


Think of rhymes as a form of mental post-it note that helps your message stick in the mind of your listener long- after you've completed speaking.

My Take

I recently saw a phrase on a highway billboard that stuck with me: 

"Drive sober or get pulled over."

It's simple, impactful, and hard to forget!

Other examples I've come across over the years:

"Click it or ticket" and "Do the crime, do the time."

Action Step

The next time you have a presentation to give, take a few minutes to Brainstorm rhymes with ChatGPT. This small addition just might take your presentation from good to memorable!

Good luck!



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