Stand When Presenting on Video

If you aspire to hone your communication skills in order to successfully influence your audience to move in a specific direction then make it a habit to stand when you conduct online pitches, presentations, and meetings.

Remember that your objective is to get your audience whether it is 1 person or a hundred to understand your message and ideally take a specific action. Using all the communication tools at your disposal dramatically helps to achieve this.

By simply sitting and speaking to the camera as is done by most people - all you are using is your intellect, vocal variety, and facial expressions (plus slides if you have them). You lose out on the benefit and communicative power of body language, hand gestures, and physical movement.

Think of the following:

1. Your voice is like a paint brush, use it to paint a picture of your message through tone, vocal variety, and pace.

2. Your facial expressions are a powerful tool in conveying your message, emotions, and sincerity.... think about a mime or clown.

3. Like a dancer or great stage actor - intentionally incorporating your body to emphasize your message will significantly improve the effectiveness of your presentation.

So next time you speak, raise the lens of your camera or laptop and stand when you speak!

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