Strengthen Your Company Culture with Virtual Lunch & Learns

“JGL Tools” are simple, human performance and communication tools that you can apply that have the potential to increase your ability to perform in work and life.

The Goal

To keep your remote teams engaged, build company culture, and facilitate professional development by implementing Virtual Lunch & Learns.

JGL Tool

Three significant challenges face you as a leader of a fully or partially remote team in order to ensure productivity.

  1. Maintain consistent communication by keeping information flowing smoothly.

  2. Keep your team from feeling isolated by helping them feel engaged and connected

  3. Help your team to avoid burnout by making efforts to support their wellness and work-life balance.

One effective solution you can use to balance their needs and your organizational needs is by offering regular online lunch & learns in conjunction with a virtual lounge.

You can do this by providing a relaxed casual virtual atmosphere for remote staff to socialize, followed by a short professional development session focused on either developing remote work skills such as online communication, or work-life balance and wellness programs focused on protecting their physical and mental health.

With this strategy, you are essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

On the one hand, you show your people that you care by creating opportunities for social connection, and on the other by enhancing their professional skills, and physical and cognitive performance, you enable them to thrive in a hybrid work environment, which ultimately benefits your organization.

Action Steps

  1. Schedule a 20-30 minute virtual lounge/coffee chat attended/hosted by a manager or team/leader where the focus is to allow participants a chance to catch up and socialize on non-work-related issues.

  2. Immediately follow the virtual lounge with a 30-minute professional development or wellbeing lunch-and-learn. Here are some topic ideas: health and wellness, stress management, work-life balance, work-life balance, making great first impressions, public speaking, social media. Make sure that the speaker is engaging and has the ability to interact with the audience and is not just doing a PowerPoint demo.

  3. Offer a voucher/credit for lunch on the company or arrange for a delivery service to drop off a meal at the attendees' remote workplace.

  4. Promote and schedule the event in advance.



My name is John Godoy, I am a Professional Speaker, Award-winning inventor, and Healthy lifestyle expert with over 20 years of experience in the personal development field. Through my videos and posts, I help professionals develop the communication and lifestyle habits required to excel in today's demanding hybrid work world. Visit my speaking page to learn more about my lunch & learn seminars and workshops.

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