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Unlock the Secrets of Influence: The Power of Pre-Suasion, Persuasion, and Post-Suasion

In this video, I share the 3-step communication formula of pre-suasion, persuasion, and post-suasion to enhance your influence. 🚀

This approach focuses on building rapport through the strategic use of multiple touchpoints, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of your message with your audience. Strategies:

🎯 Pre-suasion: Start building rapport and anticipation before your scheduled meeting, presentation, or conversation. Send advanced documents, friendly reminders, or express your excitement about the upcoming meeting.

💡 Persuasion: Master the art of persuasion during your interaction. Learn how to structure your message, use persuasive techniques, and create a lasting impact by developing your interpersonal and public speaking skills.

🤝 Post-suasion: Apply the power of the follow-up. Make a lasting impression after your interaction or presentation by sending thank-you notes or providing additional information.

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