Want to lose weight? Do this!

Losing weight seems easy, but in practice, it’s not.

At a basic level losing weight seems simple: picking a goal then sticking to a few daily lifestyle habits that lead you to your goal.

The problem is that we all have obstacles that prevent us from adhering to those habits.

The good news is that you can become more successful at achieving your weight loss goals by identifying your "habit barriers" and planning how to overcome them.

"Habit barriers" are essentially environmental, social, and other factors - that prevent you from adhering to your habits.

Here are a couple of examples how:

If you are trying to reduce your sugar consumption, a barrier you may have is that you have a partner that keeps snacks in the house. One solution is to ask your partner to put those snacks out of sight where it is harder for you to notice them or reach them.

If you are trying to get more exercise, a barrier to achieving your goal may be finding time to go to the gym. One solution is to invest in some home exercise equipment to allow you to access them 24/7.

The fundamental question to ask yourself is.. "what barriers are making it hard for me to stick to my habits" - then think creatively on how you can eliminate that barrier.

By doing these things, not only will you lose weight, but you will also boost your energy, improve how you feel, and boost your energy.

These will allow you to pursue your personal and professional goals with greater vigor and zeal! Good luck!

If you are interested in bringing wellness and productivity wisdom like this to your organization - contact me at john@johngodoy.com

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