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"The H Factor"

Achieve breakthrough performance in your life and career through magnetic human connection

Imagine if you had a super power that helped you succeed at life and work. What if you had the confidence, mindset, and skills to take action and communicate with friends and strangers alike with powerful results? You’d be unstoppable.
That super power exists and it's called the H factor. An approach to moving towards your goals by connecting with, sharing information with, and collecting other humans. 

Entrepreneur, performance coach, and professional speaker John Godoy has used The H Rule to transform his own life. From inventing and launching a Mayo Clinic certified fitness product, giving keynote presentations to auditoriums of hundreds, to most importantly transforming a shy introvert into someone who relishess the opportunity to connect with others.

In this presentations John will share the key principles and strategies of the H Rule, and the power behind approaching all interpersonal interactions from the perspective of just one human communicating with another. 
The bottom line is that you will learn a mindset, strategy, and tools that will make you a fearless and persuasive communicator whether you're talking to a stranger, a friend, or a room of hundreds.


Value to Audience

  • Gain buy-in for your ideas and projects.

  • Leverage the science of habits to create immediate behavior change..

  • Be inspired and uplifted to reach your potential.

  • Create a powerful presence without saying a word

  • Communicate with confidence, clarity, and conviction.