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For more than a decade, Chicagoans have enjoyed John's creativity, expertise, and results from his premium in-home personal training service. However, John's life's mission to help them achieve their health goals, overcome challenges and improve themselves stretches far beyond the field of elite personal training. 


John is co-founder of the world's first Mayo clinic NEAT certified seated leg swing called SITFLOW which has touched the lives of countless thousands of children, seniors, and adults in over 100 countries  across the globe helping them combat one of the biggest health problems of our time -  sitting -  and the negative health consequences that stem from a lack of physical activity.

Godoy is also passionate about helping people become better communicators through private consulting, workshops, and seminars and has helped hundreds of people from university students to entrepreneurs overcome their anxiety of speaking, improve their self-confidence, and equip themselves with a powerful professional communications toolkit. John has the rare ability to connect with audiences of all ages, and demographics. From high school students, executive management teams, to octogenarians.

In addition, he spent 2 years working with aspiring professional baseball players in the Dominican Republic, worked with college athletes at the university in Toronto, and currently is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor in Chicago.

In his spare time, John enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training and competing in ultra-endurance races, and traveling overseas. He has completed multiple Ironman and ultra-endurance distance swims and runs.